One of the most heart-breaking things that adult children deal with is an ageing parent that refuses in-home care. It can quickly become frustrating seeing your elderly parent saying he doesn’t need help with daily routines like bathing and dressing, even though you see the struggle to do it himself.

In these moments you are certain your parent needs help, but how do you help someone who is refusing to receive the personalised elder care that they need?

You would most likely feel torn between waiting for your loved one to realise and ask for help and the fear of things getting worse if this doesn’t happen soon.

At Castle Home Care Services, we understand that this is a difficult situation for everyone. Here are our recommendations to start a conversation with your elderly parent about home care.

Try to put yourself in their shoes

We must try to comprehend the motives for their behaviour so we can more effectively address the situation when talking to them. It might be just a matter of fear of a drastic change in their lives or they see help as a way of limiting their freedom. Think about how it might feel for you if you thought you were going to lose your independence. Seeking to understand where they’re coming from allows you to approach the situation with a little more empathy toward your elder parent.

Listen to their concerns

Pick the right moment to start a conversation. It’s a good idea to choose a moment when you and your loved one are doing something that you both enjoy so the atmosphere is relaxed and everyone’s defences are down, ask your mom or dad what concerns them most about ageing. This will give you more insight into how your loved one feels about caregiving and the reasons why they are refusing additional support while learning more about what their specific needs are.

Getting help doesn’t mean not being independent

Frequently, older loved ones feel like accepting care diminishes their control on their own lives. You should make them understand that a little help around the house will help them to get more time to spend on other activities the might enjoy or might mean they will be able to go back to those things they used to love but stop doing cause started to feel like a struggle. Castle Home Care Services provides support tailored to individual needs and routines so that they maintain independent living without compromise.

If your parent is in some ways still capable of taking care of himself, make time to sit down together and decide what his needs are and allow him to make certain decisions about his life.