Patience, kindness and a smile are the key ingredients you will need when dealing with a person with dementia.

Above all, communication seems to be one of the main issues when interacting with someone diagnosed with dementia. Dementia sufferers will often tell the same story or ask the same question repeatedly. Although is a common reaction that we feel frustrated at the time, we should put on our best smile, listen and look interested in what they have to say.

Frustration is commonly shared from those suffering from dementia and their loved ones. They might realise they are not able to concentrate and they’re forgetting things. This situation can cause them some stress and anxiety. They will feel more at ease if they can take part in everyday tasks like laying the table, going shopping, doing some gardening or walking the dog. It’s important to support the person to maintain skills, abilities and an active social life. This can also help how they feel about themselves.

In addition, memory aids used around the home can help the person remember where things are. Labels on cupboards and drawers indicating what’s inside or a sign on the toilet door. Furthermore, try to set up alarms if they need to take some medicine or at night to remember to lock the door.

It’s is important to remember that the wellbeing of a carer is as imperative as the person they’re caring for. If you are a carer, ask for help!
Family and friends may be able to help you so you can have time just for you. Alternatively, Castle Home Care Services will be able to help you with a tailored service that adapts to your needs and your loved one’s.

Taking regular breaks will not only allow you to look after yourself but deliver better care for someone with dementia.