he bank holiday weekend is almost upon us. Providing the weather holds out, it’s sure to be a relaxing weekend of social and outdoor activities.
But, for many older people, national holidays can be lonely occasions. That’s why we at Castle Home Care Services always encourage everyone to make the effort to involve your elderly loved ones in the festivities.
Loneliness can have profound effects on older people’s mood and overall health. However, unlike many conditions associated with ageing, loneliness can be easily prevented with quality time spent with companions and loved ones. So why not to spend this bank holiday weekend creating happy memories to look back on?

Bank holiday ideas for older people

When spending time with our older loved ones our goal should always be to make them feel as engaged as possible. It also helps if you tailor the activities you plan around things they have an interest in and according to their mobility and capabilities.

Here are some examples of interesting activities for older people of differing abilities:

  • Organise a family event: a lunch among family members, an afternoon looking through old family photo albums or a cup of tea and a chat about old times.
  • Gardening: take them to visit a nearby garden centre or helping them with their own garden.
  • Sports: find out if there’s any local place where they can take part in some low-impact physical activity or just watch together their favourite sport on tv.
  • Pets: why not visit them with the family pet or take them to visit a friend that has pets?
  • Places: take them to visit some old friends, go to a place that brings up good memories to them or go somewhere new you think they might enjoy.

Spending quality time with elderly loved ones can make a real difference in their lives. Try out some of these ideas to make the most of your bank holiday weekend.

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